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If you missed my discussion with host Dennis Tardan and Alianna Maren, author of Unveiling: The Inner Journey on the role of the Heroine’s Quest in women’s lives today click HERE to Listen.

Dennis Tardan Producer/Host of “Conversations with Dennis Tardan”

Are you on the Heroine’s Quest? Listen to this discussion on the feminine path and key archetypes and learn how to leverage your most powerful aspects as you navigate the heroine’s journey to self actualization!

Me & Alianna at a Vision Quest Retreats Event

What is a Heroine’s Quest-By Alianna J. Maren, Ph.D.

Dorothy, when she went to the Land of Oz, was on a Heroine’s Quest. So was Lyra in The Golden Compass. So was Sarah in the movie Labyrinth. We enter into a Heroine’s Quest when we leave the safety and comfort of our mother’s home, and our father’s protection, and venture forth on our own.

We can begin a Heroine’s Quest at any time in our life. Taking on a challenging graduate degree program is a form of Questing. So would be joining any branch of the Armed Services, or even joining the Peace Corps. While these typify the Heroic Quests of the young woman, we also can start new Quests as mature adults. If we leave the safety of an established job to start our own business, we are Questing. Even if we begin a new venture within our existing company – if we introduce a new program or launch a new marketing campaign of our own design, we have some sort of Quest happening.

Unveiling: The inner journey

Questing is when we leave the known and safe confines of what has defined our lives up until now. This is how we go from being a “Princess” to being both “King” and “Queen” in our own lives. And as shown in the recent book, Unveiling: The Inner Journey by Alay’nya (the nom de plume for Alianna Maren), we need both the “King” or “Emperor” aspect (building structures, having well-defined plans and objectives) and the “Queen” or “Empress” aspect (nurturing and care-taking) as healthy adults.

When we begin Questing, we don psychological armor and venture forth. We access our inner Warrior mode. This is an important and validating stage. However, it is also a transition stage. As we progress, we need to learn to relinquish the ego-validation of Questing and the thrill of being a Warrior, and move on to the more established and grounded roles that come with governing and nurturing our new kingdom.

Many Paths, Many Feet: An anthology of women’s stories

Dr. Cutts, in her short story Book I of The Adventures of Princess Isabelle: The embryo goddess and the morho, in Many Paths, Many Feet, uses Princess Isabelle as a figurative character depicting her own Quest initiation.

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