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Thomas H. Graham, President, Pepco

“Diversity is a core value at Pepco. Dr. Cutts provided my team with a broader perspective of diversity and how it can be utilized as a strength within our organization. This type of introspective examination is critical to improving our internal collaboration and to better understand the challenges and opportunities we face while improving the quality of life in the communities we serve.”

Quinton Bowman, Senior Vice President, Human Resources, BET

“BET needed assistance in updating its diversity and cultural competence plan and strategy.  We turned to Dr. Cutts for help, and she delivered.  She helped us to see diversity in a new light as not only a fairness and recruitment issue but also as an employee morale and retention issue.  Exceptionally knowledgeable, enthusiastic, and intuitive, she brought to BET a new and fresh approach to diversity.”

Ismael Liriano, Supervisor Budget Analyst, U.S. Federal Government

“Dr. Cutts is an amazing facilitator and instructor. She is focused, attentive, and influential. She demonstrated a firm understanding of the material and delivered in a practical manner. Her facilitation style was comfortable and casual, yet, she always maintained control of the topic and time. She provided unwavering attention when a participant was speaking. Dr. Cutts can take a complex theory and present in a commonsensical manner. She carries herself with positive energy and has a wonderful personality. It was an honor and pleasure to have her as an instructor, and I hope to learn from her again in the future. I would highly recommend her!!”

Stacey Long Simmons, Esq., Director, Bread for the City

“Nicole is adept at helping organizations and individuals clarify and achieve their Vision and purpose. She conducted an extensive training for our staff that was exceptional. Throughout the process, she was attentive to our needs, fun to work with and she truly helped to bring meaning to why we work. Our staff is diverse in terms of backgrounds and life experiences and I was especially relieved that she could effectively connect with a broad spectrum of individuals.”

Karen Dale, CEO & Chief DEI Officer

“Nicole did an excellent job in developing a training curriculum based on the "Good to Great" book. The content addressed both line staff, and managers with lunch-and-learn sessions and an Intranet site with supporting content. Staff consistently rated the sessions positively and expressed appreciation for Nicole's style and support. As other needs emerged, she quickly developed content to provide additional classes. I highly recommend her as an organizational development consultant and trainer.”

Sterling T. Ashby, Esq.

“Dr. Cutts has been helpful to me in identifying and letting go of mental frames that are holding me back from performing at my peak level. Conversations with her have been helpful to me in shifting my thinking to improve by: helping me to notice certain strengths I possess that I should more fully utilize; and helping me to make my own connections on how to address areas of concern.”

Dick Cichanowicz, Senior VP, Capital One

“Dr. Cutts has a passion for helping others, coupled with a real talent to get to the heart of the matter when it comes to understanding a company's "people" challenges and communicating practical solutions. She provides a unique blend of psychology, well-being and business experience that is extremely effective.  She definitely presents a strong value proposition for any company looking to increase morale and build stronger teams.”

Dr. Ron Simmons, President, Us Helping Us

“In a two-day retreat she aided Us Helping Us to clarify our mission, direction and goals for the organization and helped us create an action plan to accomplish these goals. Her attention to detail, her desire to provide exellent service, and her ability to connect with and motivate people is compelling.”

Dorian Evans, MBA, CSPC, Operations Manager

“I attended a course, taught by Nicole focused on "Influencing Skills" in which Nicole was more than qualified to instruct. It was apparent through Nicole's teaching that she has spent much time studying and working in the human leadership and management realm. Nicole made the 2-day course personal and fun. Nicole was also able to relate real world scenarios of the participants to the text material and personal life to allow us to understand the material better. I would highly recommend Nicole for both a course and speaking opportunity.”

Andrew Neitlich- Center for Executive Coaching

“Nicole brings an impressive set of talents, skills, and methodologies to her clients. She is an extremely insightful coach who gets results through somatic coaching, her toolkit as a Certified Executive & Leadership Coach, and of course her background and experience as a clinical psychologist. Her entrepreneurial background is also very helpful. She has a great sense of humor, cares deeply about getting results for her clients, and combines that with a focus and presence that brings powerful insights to her clients. I highly recommend her work.”

Dr. Sheri Wilson, CEO, DRW's Support Services

“Dr. Cutts is friendly, approachable, and able to work with others exceptionally well. She is a strong and talented leader. She also has a wonderful sense of humor, coupled with caring and compassion.”

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