Costa Rican Vision Quest 2011: Day VI

I am exhausted from all the fun nature and animals.  didn’t want to get behind so this is a temp post till en la manana. will at least post some pics.

Pura Vida…zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz,

Okay! Good Morning I’m back after a night’s sleep. Having some of this great Costa Rican coffee while I write this before breakfast.

Yesterday was all about the ANIMALS. I am a nature freak so this was a perfect day for me. We got up early had breakfast (which is included at Xandari…awesome) then took off by 8:00 for the La Paz Waterfall Gardens. I stayed there last year at the Peace Lodge and was very much looking forward to seeing the place again. Drove through rainy hilly cattle country, green and gorgeous.

The first animal we saw while making our way onto the property was the adorable White Faced Coti. He was just on the breakfast terrace having his coffee, oh I mean drinking from puddles on the ground. The La Paz Waterfall Gardens are a sanctuary with great enclosures and some animals just on the loose, nothing dangerous just pretty butterflies and birds and of course the coti.

The first stop, the hummignbird garden where we got to feed the adorable little flying jewels. Then Monkeys! My old friend Esperanza, the Black Handed Spider Monkey was there and she put her little hand outside the bars to greet me. Have you ever held a monkey’s hand? Very cool is all I can say.

Then butterflies, the aviary and the frog house. Saw some wildly colorful birds and a frog I had not seen last time. By the way the frogs are not behind glass but in a sort of hot house and you have to find them on top of and under leaves.

Then a stop at the casita they have on property (a reproduction of an old farmhouse) where they served cheese, a sort of heavy cornbread and agua dulce con leche which is hot sugar cane drink with milk…that stuff is delicious!

A quick stop by the big cats, beautiful but in zoo-like enclosures, then a walk down into the rain forest, which the sanctuary borders. This was a nice easy walk down after all the activity we have been doing. You come to three amazing cataracts as you take this walk which only takes about 40 mins.

Finally lunch and a quick stop back by the aviary to see the Tucanes again then back here to the hotel.

I took a walk down to the spa then to the pool where I stayed until the sun started to go down. A short stop by the yoga hut for some easy poses and a spot of meditation then back to the room to shower and go to dinner.

A lovely day!

I look forward to you joining me on my next Vision Quest Retreat.

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