VQC #14: Patience is Good

“Patience is Good” reads the Arabic inscription on my silver business card holder. I chose this from among the offerings of a shop keeper in a bazaar in Cairo to remind me of this fact. I carry this possession with me wherever I go, but actually possessing patience and carrying it with me in all that I do is another thing entirely! As I continue to grow my Vision it is coming to me more and more that patience is not just good, it is necessary. I want to be “there” at the next level most of the time. Intellectually I know that I need to enjoy the journey, but I struggle with this wanting, always the next goal, the next accomplishment. This blog is a perfect example…worrying about the response or lack there of. Obsessing about whether folks were commenting or not. Browbeating and harassing my friends to comment! I can be quite tyrannical really, but all the while I am cognizant of how all this pushing and striving is not how it should be. Doing the work and letting go of the results is very difficult for me, but I believe it is necessary.

All around me, the world, the Universe tells me…be patient, enjoy the journey, let go, do what you can and leave the rest to a Higher Power, what is to be will be. BUT, there is this very impatient little girl, a fighter by birth, who stomps her feet and screams…”NO! I want it NOW!” I don’t imagine that my job is to get rid of this part of me, but it is to find balance between fighting and yielding, striving and resting, and ultimately doing and just being.

So on this Sunday morning as I look out my window watching the rain fall, I am reminding myself once again…Patience is Good.

(first posted 5.3.09)

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