VQC #31:Moonlight Meditations

Moonlight on the Maryland Shore By: Nicole Cutts

As I write this I am sitting on the rooftop in the moonlight. The air actually smells sweet as it moves gently around me.

Yesterday was divine…an early morning swim, relaxing, snorkeling, reading and writing. After my massage I decided to forgo dinner with the gang to stay home for some quiet alone time. A big part of my agenda on this personal Vision Quest Retreat that I am on is to practice just being in the present moment. I have found to clarify my Vision and to get guidance about my next steps I need to get quiet enough to hear my inner urgings and longings so after everyone left I sat out on the verandah and just looked out to the sea and wrote in my private journal. The sun was beginning to set when I decided to go up on the roof deck to do some yoga. I did my sun salutations to a setting sun with Peter Gabriell’s “Passion” helping to give me energy along with the verdant mountains surrounding me and the emerging moon above my head. This turned out to be exactly what I needed to do to clear the channels.

After yoga a meditative shower in the outdoor shower overlooking the trees and eventually the sea then I dressed for dinner and made my way down to the main house. I had my own dance party on the way listening to Grace Jones on my ipod. I really danced…working up a sweat. At one point I had the fleeting thought that I ought not to because I had just showered and now here I was sweating, but then I realized how silly that thought was. My body said dance so I did. I can not tell you how good it felt. Looking back I think I was high. The combination of the yoga and the dancing may have set off a very pleasant chemical reaction!

I am happy to report that in the last few days I have gotten a lot of clarity about my Vision and had great ideas about the retreats I am putting together with a colleague of mine. This personal retreat that I am on is a pilot in a way. I am paying special attention to what conditions are helping me to clarify my Visions and to gather energy. As I already mentioned just having time and space and quiet is a huge help.

Wishing you peace and happiness until next report.

Vision Quest Survey Report: as of today, 127 women have completed it! My Goal= 1000.

(first posted 6.30.09)

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