Spring Cleaning Tips Part 2

Once you have identified the clutter in the various areas of your life; mind, body, spirit/soul, behavior and home, that it’s time for you to be rid of (Part 1 of this post gives examples) you will create an action plan with a timeline to achieve this. For physical clutter, for example, I suggest a schedule that outlines goals and when you will work on clearing (you will need to break this into chunks).

If it’s related to your body or spirit you also need a plan. For example I am currently doing a “BODY-MIND-SPIRIT CLEANSE” through the Jobri Center for Integrative Health in which I am letting go of certain toxic foods and adding more healthy food into my diet. This cleanse, as the name suggests, also focuses on letting go of the negative stuff we harbour in our minds and spirits.

While I am also engaged in de-cluttering my space right now i.e. purging files of old papers etc., this blog post is really more about shedding negative and self limiting beliefs and attitudes. Remember Shakti Gawain’s definition of clearing; letting go of false constricting beliefs and patterns and replacing them with positive supportive ones.

Try this Success Coaching exercise for CLEARING:

1) Make a list of all negative beliefs, attitudes and behaviors that you hold e.g. low self esteem, jealousy, comparing yourself to others.

2) On another piece of paper write down positive beliefs to replace these. Turn them into affirmations where you are able e.g. “I love myself exactly as I am.”

3) Create an ideal scenario of who you wish to be, include how you will feel, what you will believe and how you will act. Don’t sensor yourself. This is your ideal, make it grand and beautiful! This must be written in the affirmative and present tense. e.g. “I am confident in my abilities. I feel full of joy as I share my gifts and talents with others.” versus “I will be confident in my abilities. I will feel joy when I stop hiding my gifts and talents from others.” Do you see the difference?

4) Take the list you made of negative stuff and burn it, bury it or place it in a G*d/G*ddess/Higher Power Box to have it removed (see video for further instruction).

5) Take your ideal scenario and either put it where you can see it, place in your vision book, or put it in your G*d/G*ddess/Higher Power Box.

6) You can always say some prayers to help you with this. It’s really personal and you should trust your intuition. If you need help with prayers I recommend Marianne Williamson’s “Illuminata: A Return to Prayer

7) Feel free to get creative with any aspect of the above exercise (s). If you need some help feel free to drop me a line and as always your comments on this post are welcome.

Much continued success and well being,


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