VQC #26: Hussle & Flow

Do you have a question?

I like to begin my posts with a question but I did not have one that made sense so there you go. I just had a strange experience. I have been working tonight fairly intensely and was just about to shut the old PC down when I felt like I missed you (my imagined readers). Now if you are reading this then you are real and you do exist. Know that I missed you and wanted to just check in before shutting it down for the night. At my last posting I was flowing on writing the story of my Vision. I had two sittings and anticipated at least two more to just get the raw draft done. I have not returned to the story for a few days. Now this could be because it was getting kind of intense…you know how it can be dredging in the past etc.

So what have I been doing? Still working on and living my Vision of course…just not writing. I did feel compelled a couple of nights ago to thank all of the women who have completed my survey so I spent about 5 hrs, staying up till 2:00 a.m. putting their emails and contact details into constant contact and creating a thank you email…uh you’re welcome.

I really could go on to catalogue every moment but I don’t want to bore you so I will leave this post by saying be well until next time and wishing you (my real reader) all the success you dream of.

Vision Quest Survey Report: as of today, 143 people have started the survey and 116 have completed it! My Goal= 1000.

(first posted 6.3.09)

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