Cleansing: Continued Preparation for Slaying the Dragon

Early fall is finding me wanting to clear, cleanse and nest. I doubt I am the only one who feels this. I was overtaken last night (Friday) to clean my house. I enjoyed the feeling of clearing and ridding myself of unwanted, unneeded things. Not coincidentally it is also day 6 of Raw Rood Cleanse I’ve embarked on to rid my body toxins that it needs to clear. I bought a blender yesterday to make the smoothie recipes. The cleaning/clearing is also preparation for this because I will be spending more time in the kitchen preparing food, which is also a part of the urge toward nesting and self-care.

All of this is continued preparation for Slaying the Dragon, the current trials revealed to me this summer. I am entering a phase of much arduous work that will need to be sustained for some time so this preparation is essential, to drop dead weight on all fronts and get in the proper physical, emotional and spiritual condition.

What sort of spiritual care, self nurturing and preparation do you need to be doing right now? What do you do to cleanse yourself and bring renewed strength and resources when needed?

Try this Intuitive Success Coaching exercise….

Meditate for a moment on the image below then write for 10 mins stream of consciousness,  whatever comes to mind. Feel free to tell us what you found here or drop by Vision Quest Retreats Facebook page and share!

The Empress

Empress from The Major Arcana by Wayne Rodney

“The Empress represents creativity, fertility, New Ideas, Mother Nature, and Nurturing. She is protective, because new ideas need care in order to grow and become strong. The empress shows us the influences of the Planet Venus.

In some Cards she is seen with a shield with the heraldic emblem of a two headed eagle. This is played upon in this painting where a solitary eagle is perched on a weather vane casting a likeness of the original image. This is a symbol of enlightenment.
This card represents the Triangle and the manifestation of Ideas.”
— Artist, Wayne Rodney

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