How to Break Through Blocks and Succeed

Do you need help breaking through blocks such as fear? Do you need help creating and sticking to a success plan? Have you started and stalled several times? Maybe you need a success coach to help you break through these blocks, create a viable plan and to help hold you accountable to this plan so you can achieve ultimate success and joy in your life.

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A word on overcoming societal challenges…

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Benefits of Cross Generational Reading & Book Discussions on Channel 9 WUSA DC

I have been working on a series of cross generational reading and book discussions using my heroine’s quest adventure cosmic fairytale The Adventures of Isabelle Book I. On March 10 I had the pleasure of discussing these events on WUSA Channel 9’s morning show “Great Day Washington” along with one of our participants a senior from Ballou STAY High School in Southeast, DC. Please check out the segment below.

Are you interested in bringing a Cross Generational Reading event to your organization? Please contact us at 202-669-5777 or

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Cover Front onlyPrefer e-books? The Adventure of Isabelle on Amazon Kindle

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What are Cross Generational Reading Events:

These events provide a unique opportunity for elders and young people (especially women and girls) to enjoy and learn from one another. Because of the literacy component they also provide learning for the young and intellectual stimulation for the elders. The life events and challenges presented in the story of Princess Isabelle of Xamayca are used to spark discussion of the real life challenges and joys of those in the group. Both the elders and the young have an opportunity to share their stories (experience, strength and hope) and we all learn from this sharing.Nicole and Lilian June 2015 smaller2

More Benefits of Cross-Generational Activities

1) Increased creativity given that creativity relies on a number of different and divergent perspectives being brought to bear onto a situation or problem.  A diverse cross-generational group has the potential to come up with more perspectives.

2) Improved knowledge sharing. Since different generations possess unique knowledge and skills. There is also a built in mentor structure available to be used if harnessed effectively.

3) Better solutions to life challenges in the long run, as long as we are able to listen to the diverse views. Having divergent perspectives and increased creativity leads to the ability to generate better solutions to the problems life throws our way.

4) Increased pleasure and fun through the opportunity for all parties to be of service to one another.

5) Increased self-esteem and confidence that comes from taking the risk of putting oneself out there and using one’s voice.

Contact Dr. Cutts Today to Set Up an Event 202-669-5777.


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The Adventures of Isabelle of Xamayca Book I is HERE!

EARLY PRAISE FOR “The Adventures of Isabelle Book I”

“This is a great book! Nicole Cutts has opened a new world for us. We are introduced to Xamayca, an unusual land of mystery and adventure – and apparent magic. You will like and care about Princess Isabelle – and her family. You will want to know more about Isabelle and where her journeys take her. I look forward to the next adventure!” –Flash 78

“While this genre isn’t my usual favorite, I thoroughly enjoyed this book. Dr. Cutts is a good writer and the story was well-crafted and compelling. It is especially helpful for young women (and old ones, like me!) to be exposed to strong females who overcome adversity and find their inner strength. Dr. Cutts is a dynamic professional whose life coaching and Vision Quest retreats have helped many people on their own heroic quests. “The Adventures of Isabelle” complement her work and can help all of us find our own callings. I look forward to Books II and III!” –Maria Olsen, Esq. Author

“Tired of the old male dominated fairy tale? Here’s a new tale for the ages. Princess Isabelle sets off on an adventure (my fave word after cake) to see if there is more to life than what’s at the castle.” –An Unconventional Librarian

Read More Amazon Reviews

See Goodreads Reviews
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Are You Ready for an Exciting Journey?

Book I of the Adventures of Isabelle is here! If you have been following this chronicle you know that I have been working on books I and II for some time now. It’s been an exciting and at times arduous journey but the book is finally here!

Order your copy today and be entered in a drawing for tickets to the VIP Book Launch & Birthday Bash taking place Saturday May 30th in Potomac, MD!

View an Excerpt from The Adventures of Isabelle Book I

Do you want to write your own heroine’s quest? Check out my FREE ONLINE COURSE!

Now AVAILABLE from Amazon for
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Stay tuned to this blog and my Facebook page; Vision Quest Retreats with Dr. Nicole Cutts for more information on upcoming events.

(Cover design by The P3 Solution, Illustrations by Wayne Rodney)

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POWER! Do You Fear it or Embrace it?

It is often quoted,

“Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness that most frightens us. We ask ourselves, Who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented, and fabulous? Actually, who are you not to be? You are a child of God. Your playing small does not serve the world. There is nothing enlightened about shrinking so that other people will not feel insecure around you. We are all meant to shine, as children do. We were born to make manifest the glory of God that is within us. It is not just in some of us; it is in everyone and as we let our own light shine, we unconsciously give others permission to do the same. As we are liberated from our own fear, our presence automatically liberates others.” Marianne Williamson

Storm superheroI don’t know about you but I certainly relate to this quote. I have often felt that that I am somehow ambivalent about my power. Wanting to take it up yet sometimes fearing and even rejecting it.  I continue to work daily to rid myself of this ambivalence and to take up and use my power but often still find myself held back. I’ve been meditating on this notion of power and my attitude toward it for some time and as I figure I can’t be alone in this quest I’ve decided to share my thoughts on this problem and some possible solutions with you and hope to get your comments and feedback.

When I started musing on this the logical first question was WHAT IS POWER (in the context of personal power)? Because of my ambivalence the next question that came up for me was WHY DO WE DENY OUR POWER? There are many reasons for this, mostly driven by fear. I went on to think about things that DRAIN and LEACH our power and finally with an eye toward a solution I contemplated how we get and then maintain this power. I’ve captured my answers, thus far to these questions below in bullet form and would really love your comments (especially as this post is a stub for a larger article that I’m working on).

Power is…005 Forest Scene

  • * Energy needed to live our Vision of Success
  • * Energy needed to take care of ones self and well- being
  • * Energy used to protect Self and to set boundaries around anything not in accordance with self-love and that stands in the way of living your Vision
  • * Self-love borne out of the knowledge of who we TRULY are.
  • * Responsibility to determine our own happiness and attitude and to not be a victim

Why we deny and/or give our power away…

  • Fear of it-There are many sources of this but a common fear is that we will be unloved or rejected if we are powerful. This may be especially germane to women due to gender role expectations
  • Doubt- We may doubt our ability to do what we need to do to succeed at living our Vision
  • Don’t want responsibility-We may be lazy and fear the responsibility and work that comes with using our power
  • Fear of failure

Things that leach/drain our power…

  • Being in relationships with negative people and people who do not affirm us and our visions
  • Tired messages about who should be powerful i.e.  not  women
  • Addictions
  • Abuse by others
  • Anger/Resentment and holding on to the past
  • Worry
  • Psychological illnesses like depression and anxiety

We get our Power by…

  • Being connected and in relationship to our Higher Power (I personally do this well in nature).
  • Affirming people –being in relationship with positive people who affirm us and our Vision of Success
  • Prayer/meditation-asking for it and being willing to be guided by the Source of all Power

We Cultivate and Maintain our Power by…

  • Continually strengthening our relationship with a Higher Power
  • Sharing our power, gifts and talents with others
  • Staying in communion with positive people

Marvel-Women-marvel-superheroines-4795826-400-587So, these are my thoughts on power. I’d love your comments and feedback. What does power mean to you? If you are ambivalent about it, why? In what ways do you give it away and what leaches it? Where do you get your power and how do you maintain it?

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How Secrets and Gossip Affect Careers and Relationships

Listen to “The Daily Drum” with Harold T. Fisher WHUR 96.3 FM

Interested in Success or Executive Coaching Services?

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Small Business Sponsors of Cross Generational Readings

Thank so much to our Small Business Sponsors like Norah Clair Aesthetics our FIRST Small Business Sponsor of the Cross Generational Reading Project! Small Business Sponsors support this project by buying books for young women who volunteer their time for this community service project thus defraying some of our costs for this  effort!

Please Visit Our Sponsor Websites Below!

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Nora Clair

Nora Clair Gourlay, R.N.









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Cheryl A. Lofton



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How YOU can Help? It’s easy! Just click this link GIVE THE ADVENTURES OF ISABELLE and *purchase as many books as you like. Note (when purchasing) if you want to include a special note to the young lady who will receive the book.




Benefits of Being a Small Business Sponsor: Shout outs and links on this blog, Twitter, Instagram and on our various Facebook pages as well as a spot on our Women Owned Business Wednesday Facebook page, for Women Business Owners. (Of course all this in addition to knowing you are supporting women.)

Ballou STAY SE, DC

Ballou STAY High School South East, DC

Our Goal? 100 books!

What is the Cross Generational Reading Project? Vision Quest Retreats presents cross generational readings and book discussions of The Adventures of Isabelle Book I: The Embryo Goddess and the Morpho in which young women and older women and all ages in between meet in senior centers and homes to learn from and support one another.

Benefits: These events provide a unique opportunity for elders and young people (especially women and girls) to enjoy and learn from one another. Because of the literacy component they also provide learning for the young and intellectual stimulation for the elders. The life events and challenges presented Give The Adventures of Isabelle w Almitra smallin the story of Princess Isabelle of Xamayca are used to spark discussion of the real life challenges and joys of those in the group. Both the elders and the young have an opportunity to share their stories (experience, strength and hope) and we all learn from this sharing. Learn More…



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*Note there is no shipping costs added as books will be hand delivered to participants.

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WHAT WILL YOUR LEGACY BE? Being Your Own Heroine

famous women collage2Happy Women’s History Month!

I created the following success coaching exercise a few months back while working with a young success coaching client who had come to me to improve her self esteem and increase her ability to NOT be affected so much by the opinions of others. A beautiful, creative and talented high school student yet she felt unattractive and did not believe in her abilities. The written journal exercise, which I also did, seemed to work pretty well so I thought I would share it here. I thought it appropriate for Women’s History Month (you will get why when you read the suggested steps below).

Step 1: Reflect on Women You Admire and create a list of at least 5.

Step 2: Reflect on and write down the attributes they have that you admire.

Step 3: If you can, pick your favorite of this list. Reflect on and write down just a few notes about the legacy that she left the world or is currently building.famous women collage 4

Step 4: What challenges did she overcome in her life and how?

Step 5: What challenges have you overcome? What challenges do you currently face?

Step 6: Reflect on and write down a few of your best attributes.

Step 7: Write a brief paragraph on the legacy that you wish to leave the world. What will history say about you and the work you have done?

Step 8: Step back and read what you have written and reflect on what comes up for you.

After the above if you wish to take it a step further by creating a plan to achieve your goals check out FREE Success Coaching Tools

Got a comment or a question? drop us a line.

famous women collage 3


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Living Your Vision of Success Feb. 22, 2016 Howard University

HU Flyer 2.22.16

Flyer for HU School of Ed Living Your Vision of Success 2.22.16

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Upcoming Writer’s Beach Retreat! Spring 2016

Writers Retreat Promo beach pic2 copy


I hope you are having an awesome 2016 so far and are making progress on your goals. For many years my goal was to publish my book The Adventures of Isabelle Book I and last year I did it! With my busy schedule I don’t think I could have ever finished the book without all the fabulous writing retreats I took. This year I want to share this experience with other writers. If you have ever thought of writing a book or are in the process and could use some time, space and inspiration to do so, READ ON…!

Fellow author Maria Leonard Olsen and I are hosting a Writer’s Beach Retreat and we hope you can join us!

JOIN this women’s weekend retreat to free yourself from distractions, and reconnect with and strengthen your writing muscles.

Do you dream of getting away from it all, heading to the beach for some inspiration and upstairs writing areaquiet creative time to write? If so join us for this relaxing and rejuvenating experience by the Chesapeake Bay.

On this retreat published authors and a success coach will guide you through helpful writing exercises and teach you skills to help improve and SELL your writing. Join others in a supportive creative environment for this special event. Spring is a great time to awaken and strengthen the connection with your writing muse!

  • Carve out this quiet time to concentrate on your writing.
  • Learn best practices around publishing, marketing & selling  your books.
  • Receive feedback & inspiration from likeminded talented people who are living their visions of success.
  • Rejuvenate with healthy meals, yoga, meditation & relaxation.
  • Receive individual attention to help improve your writing & editing skills.

Dates: April 29-May 1, 2016

Location: Fairhaven, Maryland  (See location pics at Cottage by the Bay)

Register Today: EARLY BIRD SPECIAL $139.00 (Regular Price $179.00 after March 25) Day Only Option for $60.00

For More Info Contact the Facilitators: Maria Leonard Olsen, Esq. 301.520.6548 or Nicole Cutts, Ph.D. 202.669.5777

Meet the Facilitators!

Nicole Cutts is the author of The Adventures of Isabelle Book I a fantasy adventureGleaner Headshot heroine’s quest novel. She is also a clinical psychologist, success coach and master facilitator. Her passion is helping women unite with their passion through their life’s work. Read more about Nicole HERE

MariaOlsenMaria Leonard Olsen is a Bethesda-based attorney and writer.  Her first book, “Mommy, Why’s Your Skin So Brown?” is a consciousness-raising children’s book about biracial children.  Her second children’s book, “Healing for Hallie,” will be published this spring by Mirror Publishing.  Her adult nonfiction book, “Not the Cleaver Family–How the Typical American Family Has Changed,” is in production by Tate Publishing.  Maria graduated from Boston College and the University of Virginia School of Law.  She practices civil litigation part time.  Her writing has been published by The Washington Post, the Washingtonian, Washington for Women, Parenting Magazine, Babytalk, among others.   She has presented at the Washington independent Review of Books, and numerous book fairs and diversity festivals.  You can learn more about Maria HERE

See Images from our Winter Writer’s Retreat to the Beach.

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How to Handle Haters & Jealousy…

It’s hard to handle jealousy of your success and your own jealousy of others. Sometimes this is in your own family. Listen below to learn how to handle haters…

Seeking more Success Tools? Click FREE SUCCESS TOOLS!

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Achieve Your New Year’s Resolutions & Vision of Success

You may want do this New Year’s Success Coaching Exercise

Looking for a Success Coach? Click SUCCESS STORIES 10% OFF coaching packages until Jan. 31, 2016!

Continued Success & Well Being in 2016!

Nicole a.k.a. The Success Doc

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