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Are You Ready to Embark on a New Adventure?

Meet the Cast & Crew!


Buy Flagyl Metronidazole


And, if you haven’t already gotten it, GET BOOK I! Available in paperback and e-book format on  Fincar Legit Online

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Buy Zoloft


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Do you need help breaking through blocks such as fear? Do you need help creating and sticking to a success plan? Have you started and stalled several times? Maybe you need a success coach to help you break through these blocks, create a viable plan and to help hold you accountable to this plan so you can achieve ultimate success and joy in your life.

Contact me TODAY to get started! or 202.669.5777

A word on overcoming societal challenges…

Contact me TODAY to schedule a FREE 30 min consultation. or 202.669.5777

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Buy Cheap Seroquel Online

After a rather intense period of activity on my heroine’s quest to achieve my Vision of Success, my inner voice told me I needed a break. Sometimes the quest of my Vision turns into striving which leads to dissatisfaction and unhappiness. Sometimes this becomes very unhealthy and dare I say, even a bit insane. Luckily when this happens I know where to turn. The second step of AA’s twelve steps states, “Came to believe that a Power greater than ourselves could restore us to sanity.”

One way I know to strengthen my connection with my Higher Power (my Goddess) is to unplug from the world and get back to my Self. Given this, I decided to take about a month on Ambergris Caye in Belize to retreat. Trying not be too ambitious (less striving return), I’ve set only intentions for this adventure: 1) painting (because it’s something I enjoy but haven’t done any new landscapes since Buy Ventolin Tablets), 2) contemplating Book III of my Buy Viagra Jelly Online series, 3) getting my Advanced Open Water SCUBA certification and of course in between all of this 4) doing some serious chillin’ which means beach time, eating, napping etc.

Thanks for joining me on this phase of my journey! I hope you enjoy it and come back for more! This post like many of my travelogues will combine my musings, written descriptions and video compilations of the gorgeous sites and sounds as my adventure unfolds so check back every couple of days for updates and in the meantime please enjoy my first vid: “Getting Here!”

Days Zero, I and II: Recon, Grocery Shopping and Ak’Bol

I arrived Belize City late morning on Wednesday cleared customs and got on an earlier Tropic Air flight than I had scheduled headed for San Pedro. The 15-20 min flight in their little island hopper is a thrilling ride with a gorgeous view of the multi-hued Western Caribbean ocean below. I was met at the San Pedro airstrip by the driver for the house I’m staying in while on the island. Unfortunately, the first thing I noticed in his un-airconditioned mini-van taxi cab was how bloody hot and humid it is. The last time I was here was in the winter season and I immediately began to question my intelligence in choosing to come to Belize in mid-August! At first, I asked to stop to get groceries to take to the house but after a stop at a grocery store that only had Folgers and Kirland’s brand coffee, I decided to just get to the house and worry about groceries later.

Soon I found myself on a sandy “dirt road” apparently approaching the house (for privacy reasons I will insert house name and link after my sojourn). We entered the house from the beachside and after a cursory introduction to the house, the driver was gone. I stood looking around the living room kitchen area where he had unceremoniously dropped me and my luggage. It’s a lovely little 2-bedroom house. I quickly found the bedroom because I knew this was the only room with AC which was blessedly on and went and sat on the bed to collect myself. Eventually, I dragged my bags into this sanctuary from the heat and opened the bags intending to unpack. After not sleeping the previous night and a 6:00 flight this morning out of Dulles it didn’t take me long to abandon “settling in.” I conked out till the next morning!

Thursday was about recon and getting settled but the first stop was coffee. Luckily for me there is a neat little coffee shop called Nizoral Shampoo Buy Uk attached to the Daydreamin B & B across the sandy lane from my place. I also ordered what was to be my first of many breakfast sandwiches (egg, cheese, spinach and avocado in a plain bagel) and ate and drank taking in the lovely little place with its central pool which is more like a fountain in which you can swim. After breakfast, I was off in my little golf cart rented for the month. I headed south and after crossing the tiny Boco del Rio bridge was in town. I drove down Middle Street taking in all the sites and sounds of Saint Pedro before turning around somewhere near the airport and heading north along Front Street which took me past the open town square where two years ago I’d danced in the New Year with my then-boyfriend. I saw the town pier and recalled sitting on it, my feet dangling above the water eating chicken and rice from a takeaway container while a spotted eagle ray glided through the water just below us. It had been relatively cool then compared to the sweltering heat I now found myself in.

Next stop, the little grocery store on the circle in which a statue of St. Peter stands surrounded by all sorts of marine life. Provisioned up with coffee and breakfast fixings I hightailed it home to shower off and finish unpacking.

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Lisinopril Viagra Online

First presented by: Nicole Cutts, Ph.D. June 12, 2019 at the American University Key Leadership Conference in Washington, DC.

The Willow Tree: A Metaphor


This experiential session draws on somatic coaching techniques: utilizing theory and practice from Ashtanga Yoga, neuroleadership, cognitive psychology, and leadership best practices to help participants learn how to fully embody their leadership presence and catalyze their followership.


  • Build a more powerful leadership presence that is able to stay open, present, flexible and connected under difficult conditions such as stress, complexity, and ambiguity
  • Develop deep self-awareness and increase emotional intelligence by accessing the intelligence of the mind/body system
  • Learn somatic practices you can use for your continued leadership development and the development of others.

Additional benefits of participating in this session include learning methodology and tools to:

  • Reduce stress and increase resilience
  • Increase your influencing skills and ability to motivate and engage others
  • Focus your talents into purposeful action, creating the capacity to produce even more valuable results
  • Increase your self-confidence in new ways, e.g. greater balance, endurance, strength, agility, and flexibility

What is Embodied Leadership?

To be an embodied leader means your ability to lead comes from deep inside you. It also means literally staying fully connected to your body and centered on your core values and truest self even during times of pressure.

According to Pete Hamill, author of Embodied Leadership (2013), “The concept of embodied leadership, derived from somatic coaching, brings the body forward as an advocate in creating a place for change and transformation.” And, “Embodied learning is a level of learning where you can learn to do something differently, consistently and when under pressure.”

Embodied leadership is the optimal leadership presence. It combines power and strength with flexibility and ambition with humility. It increases your ability to be influential, flexible (adaptable) and resilient.

The Connection Between Emotional Intelligence, Brain & Body

Emotional Intelligence:

A simple and familiar framework from which we can understand the importance of being an embodied leader is the concept of emotional intelligence. Emotional Intelligence (EQ) is the ability to understand one’s own state of mind and one’s capabilities, to manage oneself to respond constructively to situations and to engage successfully with other people.  Emotional Intelligence is not necessarily about what to do, but HOW to do it.

CLICK TO DOWNLOAD Cialis 5 Mg Daily For Sale

Contact Nulidad De Actos Procesales for speaking and coaching inquiries.

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Buy Diflucan Online From Canada

View Paintings Here

You are Cordially Invited to the Reclaiming the Goddess Art Event!

10 % of ALL PROCEEDS FROM THIS EVENT TO BENEFIT Comprar Clomid Online En Espana (an organization empowering poor women and girls globally)

Click Safe Place To Buy Generic Cialis or Below to Register

Online Event Locations: Right Here on This Page & Zovirax Online BestellenPurchase Anafranil Online
Live Event Details: Sat. June 22 1:00 – 4:00 p.m. & Sun. June 23 2:00 – 5:00 p.m. 
Potomac, MD (Address Provided upon Actos Procesales En Materia Penal En Venezuela)

Levaquin OnlineBuy Cialis Brand with Dimensions Download Stromectol Online Kaufen *


The Gallery

Paintings 1-8 (Click Button Below to Purchase)

Goddess Paintings 1-8

Paintings 9-12 (Click Button Below to Purchase)

Goddess Paintings 9-12

Additional Items for Sale

Nizoral Drugstore Lipstick, Lagu Inul Daratista Arjuna Nya Buaya

Wampum, Oyster Shell & Beaded Pendants all come with leather necklace. (Click Button Below to Purchase)


All pieces are one of a kind handcrafted (Click Button Below to Purchase)

Shipping Options

All pieces are one of a kind (Click Button Below to Purchase)

Options-Ceremonial Necklace & Earrings

* Shipping not included. I will contact the buyer to make arrangements for delivery. Paintings and Jewelry may also be picked up during the live event in Potomac, MD June 22 & 23rd

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Cialis Online Brand Name

Would you believe that over the past 9+ years I have had hundreds of successful coaching relationships with people I have never laid eyes on? To be honest, I don’t know what 95% of them look like! Incidentally, I have also been coached successfully by a woman living in Australia that I also never saw!

Now before you go thinking I do some sort of work in the spiritual world let me explain. The clients and coach I mention are quite real. We just never met face to face.

While I have worked effectively with many people in my various roles of Ciprofloxacin Wechselwirkungen Pille Online, Order Viagra Online From Canada and Lasix Online Canada over the telephone and in more recent years via some form of video chat, i.e. Zoom, Skype, Facetime, many potential clients balk at the idea of not conducting coaching and therapy sessions in a face-to-face environment.  

While I understand the assumptions behind people’s bias toward in-person sessions, research does not support this thinking. I worry that some people may be missing out on the many benefits of coaching and or therapy by limiting their options to face-to-face relationships. I’m writing this article for those folks.

Please consider the following top five advantages of virtual coaching and therapy and the supporting data before engaging an executive coach, success coach or therapist.

According to Kimsey-House et al. in the book Co-Active Coaching, “An effective coaching environment is safe enough for clients to take the risks they need to take and two, it is a courageous place where clients are able to approach their lives and the choices they make with motivation, curiosity and creativity.” Data suggests that this environment can be achieved with ease via telephone and video chat.   

Top 5 Advantages of Virtual Coaching and Therapy

I. Cost: Without travel and office overhead, many practitioners (myself included) are able to charge lower fees for virtual coaching and therapy. Clients also save money by not having to travel.

II. No Time and Distance Barriers: When choosing coaches and therapists most people look for someone in their area but when engaging in virtual practices clients have a wider range of practitioners from which to choose. It is also convenient for those who travel because appointments can be kept no matter where the client is. The hours for appointments are also usually more flexible. For example, I will see a client after regular working hours virtually but not in person. Additionally, it may be easier for clients to meet virtually during their lunch hours, whereas that would be impossible if meeting face to face. 

III. Comfort: Clients appreciate having sessions in the comfort of their own homes or offices. Without the burden of appearances, they usually choose to sit somewhere quiet and comfortable and to dress comfortably (something they usually can’t do in an office setting).

IV. Modeling: For leaders and others who work in an increasingly virtual world, virtual coaching and therapy provide an additional benefit of modeling great virtual conversations. 

V. Diverse Group Sessions: Clients who participate in group coaching sessions may be energized by working with people from diverse locations, backgrounds and cultures. Virtual coaching allows coaches to bring together people who might not normally work together, and who have the potential to create unique and impactful experiences through their distinct ideas and perspectives.

The Data

The research literature has acknowledged telephone coaching as a way of enabling coaching on-demand, providing access to expertise, serving geographically dispersed individuals, reducing cost (Frazee, 2008) and promoting follow through and accountability (Charbonneau, 2002). In addition to recognizing these benefits, clients’ and coaches’ personal experiences with telephone coaching have been positive.

According to the International Coach Federation (2019), a study found “no difference in the reported level of problem resolution for face-to-face and distance clients.”  The strength of the working alliance was found to be significant for problem resolution in distance coaching, and “coaches self-reported strong levels of working alliance in both conditions (face-to-face and distance).”

Another study (Day & Schneider, 2002) compared selected process and outcome variables across three modes of psychotherapy: face-to-face, real-time video conference, and 2-way audio (analogous to telephone). This study found very little difference in outcome and in some cases advantages to distance modalities. In fact, the major difference they found could be construed as favorable to the distance modes: “Statistics indicate that Client Participation scores were higher when clients were not facing to face with their therapists.” (Day & Schneider, 2002)

Please don’t get me wrong. I still very much enjoy in-person coaching and the hybrid of coaching/therapy that I offer and when a client is not comfortable with virtual coaching and I want to work with them I meet with them face to face, but I don’t want people to miss out on the value of coaching and therapy by not availing themselves of virtual modes.

What is your experience? Have you had virtual or in-person coaching or therapy? I’d love to hear your thoughts. Also, if you have any questions about the coaching or therapy services I offer, feel free to Buspar Buy Online, visit Cutts Can I Buy Zovirax Tablets Over The Counter In Uk or visit Buy Cialis Online Canadian

Are you a woman interested in Group Coaching? Click Generic Levitra Online Uk

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Kamagra Free Delivery Uk

Below are a smattering of recent media appearances. I’ve been honored from time to time to offer my expertise and commentary on a variety of topics ranging from matters related to psychology, success, diversity, gender, politics and most recently celebrity gossip turned serious as in the cases of R. Kelly and Jussie Smollett! (click images to view videos)

Order Kamagra Australia

Can I Buy Zovirax Ointment Over The Counter

February 19, 2019 (click image to view vid)


Ci Cipro 85 For Sale

(click image to view vid)

Excited to meet journalist Dorothy Gilliam in the “green room” at WUSA9 (1.14.19)
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Best Website To Buy Viagra Online

As you may know, I’ve been a staunch (and perhaps solo) proponent of Accutane 2009 Online, touting its benefits all Winter. It’s been great planning my next big moves, getting more rest, sleeping late, carb loading and just generally living in “power-save mode.” BUT, with Spring 30 Days away it’s time for this little brown bear to prepare to emerge from her cave! Spring is a time when many of us experience a surge of renewed energy (I KNOW I do) and it’s a perfect time to BREAK OUT and put our winter planning and stored energy to good use. This is why I’m having a Where To Buy Clomid Online Uk March 22-24 at Is Buying Propecia Online Illegal in Rehoboth Beach, DE. And, this is why on Feb. 19th I’m officially launching the Thirty-Day Spring Breakthrough Challenge! My challenge is dedicated to physical health, weight loss and improved eating habits but your challenge for the next 30 days is up to you! (Please follow this post and tell us about what you are doing to improve your life in the next 30 Days!)

My company Buy Cephalexin 500mg Without has teamed up with Kamagra Upotreba Online and Buy Nizoral Shampoo Uk for the next 30 days and guess what even if you don’t take the 30-Day Challenge you still get to benefit! Mention me, this challenge or Vision Quest Retreats and get 2 Weeks Free Membership or a FREE full-service consultation from The Worx by Maia!

What am I eating???

Special Report from my Outdoor Gym

Challenge Complete! Final Report

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Generic Cialis Without Prescription

Cross-Generational Reading Project Featured on WUSA Channel 9 (Click image to view).

Thank you so much to the small business sponsors (below) who supported this project! If you are interested in future sponsorship opportunities they start as low as $20.00! It’s really easy! Just click on the yellow “Buy Now” button, select quantity and don’t forget to fill in your business name. Please email me your logo (or whatever image you would like used) and links to your website and social media accounts to be posted on this website and across my social media platforms!

Some of the young women at Ballou S.T.A.Y.

What is the Cross-Generational Reading Project? Vision Quest Retreats presents cross-generational readings and book discussions of Lasix Emagrecer Online in which young women and older women and all ages in between meet in senior centers and homes to learn from and support one another.

Benefits: These events provide a unique opportunity for elders and young people (especially women and girls) to enjoy and learn from one another. Because of the literacy component they also provide learning for the young and intellectual stimulation for the elders. The life events and challenges presented Online Prednisonein the story of Princess Isabelle of Xamayca are used to spark discussion of the real-life challenges and joys of those in the group. Both the elders and the young have an opportunity to share their stories (experience, strength and hope) and we all learn from this sharing. Order Cialis Usa

Please see the feature done by Marcella Roberts of WUSA Channel 9. Proscar Buy India

CHECK OUT OUR FABULOUS SPONSORS! Thank so much to our current Small Business Sponsors (see below) and others below who have supported this project by buying books for young women who volunteer their time for this community service project thus defraying some of our costs for this effort (Please click sponsor images to learn more about them)!Que Actos Procesales Interrumpen La Prescripcion Clothing

Safe To Buy Clomid Online

Where To Buy Cheap Cialis In Canada

Xl Pharmacy Generic Cialis


Zovirax Tablets PharmacyBuy Cialis Online Fast Delivery

Buy Doxycycline Walgreens


Actos Procesales En El Derecho Procesal CivilBuy Ciprofloxacin Ear DropsBuy ClomidC Cialis Online

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Bodybuilding Buy Clomid

Check out the series “Trials, Tribulations and Triumphs of The Heroine’s Quest” that STREAMED LIVE on my YouTube Channel, Buy Discount Propecia. We discussed significant triumphs and many common challenges that women encounter when we heed the call to adventure and embark on the heroine’s quest to live our Vision of Success!

To Participate LIVE in future events and stay up to date on all events, Join the Tribe on Cheap Cialis Online Australia.  When we have a YouTube Live you will, 1) Go to Buy Discount Propecia on YouTube 2) See vid with RED sticker saying “LIVE” or “NOW LIVE” and click that vid. 3) Comment as you would on FB. 4) Please subscribe and share!

WARNING: #Realtalk #parentalguidancesuggested

Ridding Yourself of Resentment

Balancing Day Jobs & Side Hustles
Dealing With Rejection
Most Common Obstacles to Women’s Success
Posted in Cheapest Place To Buy Doxycycline Tablets | Buy Zovirax 5 Cream Online

Buy Online Cialis Generic

Strongly Suggested Reading & Pre-Work When Embarking on the Quest:

1) Download and Read my FREE White Paper: Ciprofloxacin Online Uk Universities

2) Read this article on Joseph Campbell’s Clomid Osterreich Online

3) Read “Augmentin Syrup Prescription” (softcover) or Ciprofloxacin Medicinenet OnlineCheap Clomid For Sale Uk(e-book) AND the recently published, Doxycycline Generics Pharmacy

4) Watch my (above) TEDx Talk: Cheapest Place To Buy Generic Cialis

Celebrex Annual Sales 2011

4) Watch the movie Lloyds Pharmacy Priligy Cost (an inspirational movie that takes you on the ultimate hero’s journey: the journey of self-discovery. As you slay dragons and uncover treasures, you just may find that the holy grail you seek is closer than you think.)

5) Read Cialis Pharmacy Online Uk by Maureen Murdock (not required but strongly suggested reading)


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Betnovate Chemist Prescription Only Side Effects

Buy Clomid AustraliaAn integral part of being on the heroine/hero’s quest to live your Vision is taking stock of where you are on the journey and celebrating your successes!  It’s also important to take some time to rest and reflect. Approaching the end of one year and the beginning of a new year is a great time to do this: to look back assess your growth, revise your goals and plans as necessary and make decisions about how you want to move forward.

I love taking time out between Christmas and New Year’s Eve to do this! I look at what I had set out to accomplish in the year ending (Did I accomplish my goals?), take stock of losses and gains (grieving and celebrating appropriately), reflect on and record major events and highpoints and celebrate what I’ve accomplished.

I read last year’s journaling from around the same last year and I usually make some interesting discoveries about myself; what’s important to me and who I want to be going forward: always growing and getting better.

My yearly ritual also helps me transition from the past year to the new one. Somewhere between Dec 27th and 31st you will often find me bundled up by a fireplace doing this so I can also burn a list of things I wish to be rid of going into the New Year.  I have found these exercises most helpful and illuminating and that’s why I’m sharing them with you. Even if you are reading this after January 1st It’s not too late to take stock of the past year and look toward to this year: what you want to accomplish and decide what you want to bring with you from the past and what you want to leave behind.

Give some or all of these exercises a try:

1) Take some quiet time to reflect on the past year making a list of losses and gains (this can be on any level) pay attention to what you learned from these experiences and journal about it.

2) Look at your goals from last year and assess how you did (remember to be compassionate with yourself) noticing where you might have been unrealistic and where you could have done more.

3) Make a list of what you want to focus on in this year. This should include goals but may also mean what behaviors and thoughts you want to continue from the past year.

4) Make a list of things you want to/are ready to let go of then write them on a piece of paper. On my list were negative states of mind and self-defeating patterns. You may also choose to keep a copy of this list in your journal for future reference.

5) Take the list of things you want to be rid of and either burn them, bury them or place them in a G*ddess/G*d Box with a prayer to help you to release them. Check out my vlog on G*ddess Boxes:

6) If you have not done one or at least not in the past year you may also wish to do the Ideal Life Scenario exercise where you write down the ideal scenario for each area of your life. You can then use this to define goals and complete an action plan. Download Lesson Here: Buy Clomid Online Uk

7) Buy Clomid Research ChemicalRegister for the “Buy Generic Augmentin” Powerful Women Networking Event in Potomac, MD taking place January 12, 2019!

8) After you have done some or maybe even all of the above you may want to SAVE THE DATES for the Can I Buy Cialis Over The Counter In Australia taking place March 22-24th in Rehoboth Beach, Delaware!


Feel free to drop me a line if you are looking for help with setting or achieving your goals and your Vision of Success!!

Much Continued Success & Well Being and All the Best for the New Year!!


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