Princess Isabelle of Xamayca in Jamaica

If you have been following this blog or our Facebook Page: The Adventures of Isabelle Book you know that Princess Isabelle of Xamayca featured in The Adventures of Isabelle Book I: The Embryo Goddess and the Morpho, has been having some pretty great adventures! From visiting a seal colony in La Jolla, CA to cavorting with Humpback Whales in the Pacific Northwest to chasing elusive Blue Morpho through the cloud forests of San Ramos, Costa Rica our royal highness has been on her heroine’s quest. Her Mission? To inspire others to clarify and achieve their mission in life.

This month I am accompanying our royal highness on one of her most exciting missions to date! I am here in Negril on our way to the capital of city of Kingston Jamaica where we have some very important business to take care of (delivering her story to Novelty Trading Co. Ltd. for Jamaican distribution).

In the meantime we are doing a mini promotional tour and exploring the country whose name and spirit inspired the creation of her mythical kingdom of Xamayca. Xamayca is in fact the native Arawak name for Jamaica. This is one of the more obvious allusions in this book rife with hidden clues and references to various aspects of a host of cultures, religions and myths. Many readers have enjoyed their journey through the book by recognizing and following some of these clues. I would love to hear about what you find. Pick up a copy of The Adventures of Isabelle Book I TODAY and drop us a line telling us what you find.

In the meantime enjoy these videos and pics from our Jamaican Journey(See Princess Isabelle’s Adventurous Return to Xamayca)

September 8: Big Exciting day! Did  a 2 tank SCUBA dive with Negril Adventure Divers before having an interview re the book with the Jamaican newspaper The Gleaner! Happy and GRATEFUL to be LIVING MY VISION OF SUCCESS!


September 10: On the Road to Kingston! Today is the day we head to Kingston for my meeting with Novelty Trading Co. We awoke early to catch the 8:00 Knutsord Express to Kingston via the South Coast Rd. The morning started out a little scary (see vid below) but was a lovely 5 hour scenic drive. Get the story and some of the lovely scenery below.
Upon our arrival my Aunt Shirley and Uncle George Rodney (parents of Adventures of Isabelle Illustrator Wayne Rodney) met us at the bus depot. They took us to lunch then to the Gleaner Newspaper so I could meet with Keisha Hill the journalist who wrote the article on my trip here and the book. You can read the article here: The Gleaner.  After this we went to visit Hi-Qo Gallery where we saw some fabulous Jamaican art to include a painting that I fell in love with. It’s the national bird of Jamaica a Doctor Bird, a type of hummingbird. After this we wound up at Devon House for ice cream where my friend Joanne picked us up to spend the night with her in Kingston.

September 11: Meeting with Novelty Trading Co. My big day started of wonderfully. Breakfast at Jo’s house of breadfruit, callaloo, plantain topped off with some delicious Blue Mountain coffee. After our meal we relaxed on the verandah and played with Jo’s Jack Russell Bella. After this I dressed and Buju the driver picked me up at 10:00. First stop was by Joanne’s business Pedal and Wheel Fitness then picked up aunt Shirley before heading downtown to Novelty Trading. I see why my aunt did not just want me to take a taxi there. Not easy to find (many streets in Kingston not marked) unless you really know the place. Great meeting with Ms. Morgan the General Manager. Then to visit uncle George’s studio, picked up patties for lunch and headed home. See the post meeting video below!

That night after my meeting with Novelty Joanne and her sister Tracey had a little get together for me at a Kingston wine bar/restaurant; Uncorked where I got to see some old friends. It was a lovely visit to Kingston! The next morning, tired but fulfilled we caught the 7:00 a.m. bus back to Negril to finish off our holiday! (See below vid for wrap up report.)

Thank you Goddess for safely conveying me on this mission and for allowing me to live my vision!

Wishing you all success and well being on your journeys!


Learn About the book HERE!


See some pretty pics from our Jamaican Adventure HERE!


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