Costa Rican Vision Quest 2011: Day IV

Blue Jean Frog

If you spend any time in Costa Rica you will hear the phrase Pura Vida. Sometimes it is in answer to how are you, sometimes it is a proclamation and sometimes said to signify resignation in the sort of way people say “that’s life”

Pura vida literally means Pura = pure and vida = life, but “Pure life” in Spanish would be “Vida pura” instead, so the real meaning is closer to “plenty of life”, “full of life” or “this is living!”

I like to think of this as full of life, because that is what this place is and how it can make you feel.

Yesterday I took you through describing my day pretty much in relation to my senses and less about the activities. Today continued to be a sensual day but also a long one so I will close with more of a traditional travelogue, movement from point A to B with a dash of intentionality thrown in.

Early this morning coffee in the lobby then off in the van to the hanging bridges, a walk through the rainforest on trails and across suspended bridges. Lush, rainy but not a downpour. Monkeys, birds, the cute and deadly blue jean frog and a tiny maybe not so cute bright yellow highly poisonous eyelash viper.

Taste, the sense that was not particularly awake yesterday came alive today at lunch, thrilled by a freshly made spicy guacamole followed by some tasty arroz con pollo.

A lovely nap back in my room then to the hot springs for some more cuddling with the water.  Cold rain pelting me while I sat like a snow monkey in the steamy pools…divine. Scenes like a Gauguin painting on ecstasy…steam everywhere water dripping rushing misting, coming back to rest on the earth.

A massage in a large open bungalow on the bank of the creek, open to the rushing water. Good to let go to breath to allow, to be in the moment.

Very sleepy and unsure of internet access at next spot, but I hope to be able to connect again.

 Pura Vida,  Nicole

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