Costa Rican Vision Quest 2011: Day III

Today was all about the sensual…awareness of my senses and how they are pleased by this place. So instead of saying where I went and what I did I’m going more with what I experienced through my senses related to sight, sound, touch, smell and spirit…  

Sight: COLORS, green of every description, crystal drops of rain hang, drip from the frilly edges of a delicate white orchid its center a purplepink. A sort of magenta mixed with black on the long leaves of the corn plant, its leaves prettier than most flowers’ petals, certainly much stronger. Looking at the world from 200 feet above the forest canopy and out over the lake that men made, sky and clouds and blue and more green.

Sound; the wind rushing past my ears, the whir of the zip line screaming silently across a canyon. Laying back first in the rushing winds and then the rushing waters of the hot springs and hearing the water almost believing I could hear where it started, at its source I traced the water back on its journey through the roiling earth, heated by the most awesome of all gods, the volcano. The rushing water does not just make one sound, when you listen you will hear about four or five distinct voices. A bird just now laughing screeching outside my door, the profusion of tree frogs, cicadas and other insects. In the midst of all this sound lies pure silence, peace distilled.

Birds call to one another all day and then there is the rain.  The rain, sometimes unsettling and relentless, batters down at times like it will never stop. It leaves everything wet to the…

Touch: How can you feel air? But sometimes you can especially when the air is soft and wet and just a little bit warm. Feeling the wind whip past my face and ears, kissing my cheeks awakening me from my sleep reminding me that I am alive. Hot. The heat that rises from the hot springs. You can feel the steam and the spray on your face. You close your eyes and let the water caress you, rush past you, threatening to drag you on, then you feel that pull and you want to go with it. I lie back in the shallows, a swirling pool and feel the water rush over me. As I lay in the hot water I feel cool raindrops refreshing on my face.

Smell: I took a moment today above the canopy to smell the air. The air smelled good and by this I mean you could actually smell the Goodness in the air. When air is good you want to pull it inside you. It feels like pure life with no chemicals no poisons just good clean air that you know comes to you with only the best intentions. Tonight walking to dinner the air actually smelled sweet. I love when that happens…

Spirit: I love when this happens. You are looking all over to find that perfect orchid so you can take a detail of it’s center. You walk around the gardens all day in search of the perfect specimen. The right orchid never really jumps out at you. When you return in the afternoon to your room someone has placed an orchid on the the small wooden table in the corner.

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