Step 7 of 7 Practical Steps to Living Your Vision of Success: Give Back!

Give more, have more fun, let go and live your Vision!

At the “Taking Your Dreams from Design to Destiny” Conference on Jan. 15, 2011 participants were given an opportunity to go through the 7 steps below to create a draft of their Success Plan to take it to the next level in 2011! We started on 1.12.11 with step 1 (see below post dated 1.12.11). Over the past several weeks I have been sharing the SEVEN Practical Steps to achieving your goals and ultimately your Vision of Success. This week we are on Step 7. Updates occured on Wednesdays in celebration of Women Owned Business Wednesdays. SEVEN Practical Steps to Achieving Your GoalsStep 1-Find and Clarify your Vision of Success

Step 2-Define Your Goals Clearly

Step 3-See/Visualize Yourself Achieving Your Goals/Vision of Success

Step 4-Make a Clear Plan With a Timeline

Step 5-Chart your Progress

Step 6-Enjoy Your Success!

Step 7-Give Back.

This Week’s Step: #-7- Give Back

Once you have achieved your goal or your Vision of Success it is very important that you acknowledge this. Don’t just rush off to your next goal as if you take this for granted. Having gratitude is important and is best accompanied by a belief in abundance demonstrated when we give back. Of course this is not the only reason to give back. I’m sure inside of us we all know that this is right. Shakti Gawain in her classic book, Creative Visualization explains the importance of “outflowing

“Once we begin to accept the goodness of the universe we naturally want to share it as well, realizing that as we give out of our energy we make space for more to flow into us.”

There are many ways to give back that you can think of but one way you can also give back is by sharing your story with others. We are often uplifted when others share their experiences with us. Let people know that you are grateful be open in sharing your joy and encourage to share their successes with you. Cheering others on is also a way to give back. Again this also reinforces a belief in abundance as opposed to scarcity. Shakti Gawain goes on to explain the importance of “outflowing”

“When through insecurity we try to hold onto what we have, we begin to cut off this wonderful flow of energy”

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When you get paid for living your vision give away some of what you earn to whatever cause you are drawn to. What amount should you give? Whatever amount demonstrates your belief to the universe that there will be more.

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