Step 6 of 7 Practical Steps to Achieve Your Vision of Success: Enjoy Your Success!

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At the “Taking Your Dreams from Design to Destiny” Conference on Jan. 15, 2011 participants were given an opportunity to go through the 7 steps below to create a draft of their Success Plan to take it to the next level in 2011! We started on 1.12.11 with step 1 (see below post dated 1.12.11). Over the next several weeks I am going to continue to share the SEVEN Practical Steps to achieving your goals and ultimately your Vision of Success. This week we are on Step 5. Updates will occur on Wednesdays in celebration of Women Owned Business Wednesdays. SEVEN Practical Steps to Achieving Your Goals
Step 1-Find and Clarify your Vision of Success
Step 2-Define Your Goals Clearly
Step 3-See/Visualize Yourself Achieving Your Goals/Vision of Success
Step 4-Make a Clear Plan With a Timeline
Step 5-Chart your Progress
Step 6-Enjoy Your Success!
Step 7-Give Back.
This Week’s Step: #-6- Enjoy Your Success!
Step 6-Enjoy Your Success!
Motivational speaker Zig Ziglar said, “You do not pay the price of success, you enjoy the price of success.”
Once you have achieved your goal or your Vision of Success it is very important that you acknowledge this. Don’t just rush off to your next goal as if you take this for granted. You should reward yourself, give yourself credit and allow yourself to feel how good you feel. This enjoyment will encourage you to repeat your success in other areas. Gratitude is also a very important thing here. You must express gratitude for reaching your goals and share this success with others. The amount of gratitude you express is directly proportional to the amount of success you will experience.
Try these Success Coaching Exercises…
Reward Yourself
Keep a list of things that are rewarding to you handy. This could be anything from a day off to a massage to a week long vacation. Whatever you decide be sure to follow through. Also have small rewards handy for when you accomplish small goals or achieve milestones along the journey. For example because I wrote a section of my book today on women living their visions I am now taking my dog Rex to the river for a nice peaceful nature walk. I will allow myself to really just be there and experience it as a reward for all the stuff I accomplished today.
Gratitude Letter
Because the written word can be so powerful consider writing a letter of thanks to whatever higher power you have or perhaps to the universe. Put many details in this letter that tell how you feel and what you have achieved. Share your story with your friends so that they might be encouraged.
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2 Responses to Step 6 of 7 Practical Steps to Achieve Your Vision of Success: Enjoy Your Success!

  1. amikenson says:

    Dr. Cutts:

    Thank you for breaking down the steps to take to reach our vision of success. They are very practical and doable. The subsequent coaching exercises were also very useful. The gratitude letter to God in particular is a wonderful idea that I will try. Also, rewarding ourselves when we’ve accomplished a goal is something I forget to do. I’m grateful you reminded me to give myself breaks and allow myself to celebrate small accomplishments as much as big ones. I find that if I haven’t accomplished all my tasks or goals, that I’m off track. In reality, I’m in process, and need to positively affirm myself by giving myself rewards. I think the rewards would act as a way to reinvigorate my enthusiasm for my goal, and help keep me motivated and positive.

    In fact, I’m going to reward myself right now, by leaving my desk and walking outside. Thank you again for your helpful insight!

    Andrea Ikenson

  2. admin says:

    Thanks so much Andrea for your comment. I hope your walk was rewarding and that you continue to do these things for yourself.


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