Celebrating Impermanence

Writing Retreat 2010

This is my last night in Negril.  I’ve had quite an adventure.  Things did not go as planned in many ways i.e. dealing with a tropical storm of my same name, but they turned out pretty good. I hit my stride over the past few days and did get a lot of writing done on Book II of The Adventures of Isabelle.  I also enjoyed good sun good food, great service and lovely pampering at The Rock House Spa.

Some of the highlights (extracted from my travel journal) are:

It was a perfect day, gorgeous hot sunny.  I went swimming two or three times, lay

My Favorite Outcropping in front of villa #13

out on my favorite little outcropping in front of villa #13 and just generally soaked up the beauty. I got in the water by the restaurant and swam all the way around to the ladder in front of my old villa.  It was a lot of fun.  Not sure why but felt like I was swimming up on a fortress or something and getting out of the water to walk up the steps.  I had curry chicken, white rice and salad for lunch…I mean c’mon! It was awesome.

Sun salutations on the deck of Villa #1 this morning.  Letting the horizon be my gaze point.

Negril Cliffs

After more sunning I had a Mint Tea Scrub and Caribbean Drench in the spa hut on the edge of the cliff.  This experience was dare I say it?…SCRUMTRULESCENT! I felt so alive and clear afterward.  What I think I loved the most was the warm water showering down on me as I looked out into the just beginning to set sun, the way the golden sunlight sparkled off the water and dazzled my eyes. The sound of the sea and the gentle breeze blowing on my wet, just-scrubbed skin. This I will not soon forget.

On Property of the Rock House, Negril

Got a lot of writing done last night. Have moved the plot along greatly. Went to check out some other properties for an upcoming Vision Quest Retreat. Another great lunch, this time from Sips and Bites of Brown Stew Chicken and Rice-n-peas. Loved my new villa for one day #13…so nice to be right on the water, just walk out the door and down the steps and I’m there…more sunning on my favorite flat outcropping.

with Charlotte Wallace, Rock House Manager

Celebrated my last day with a massage at the spa and sat on my deck afterward watching the sunset and feeling the great sea breeze.  Picked up my supply of Blue Mountain Coffee from the shop.  Dinner at the Rock House’s award-winning Restaurant with family.

All in all this has been a fabulous adventure but I WANT MORE!  Can you believe it?

Writing in Villa 13

I have been reading Pema Chodron’s  book “When Things Fall Apart” and playing with this notion of recognizing and celebrating the impermanence in life.  I am working on recognizing how this relates now to how I feel about leaving this place.  All good things come to an end, but so do all “bad” things. We try to hold on to the way things are, we don’t like change…at least I don’t so I’m getting the recognizing impermanence thing and catching tiny glimpses of how great it will be when one day I can actually celebrate it.  But, for now I’m going to indulge in a little melancholy moment on my balcony to star gaze and say good-bye to this beautiful country.

As always feel free to drop me a line and tell me about your journey.



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