Shelter From the Storm Part II from the Journey to Orphalese

(from travel journal dated September 30, 2010)

Natural Composition with Light

I awoke this morning in my lovely room at Moondance on the Cliffs to a world changed.  Tropical Storm Nicole had finally abated. The sea was calmer, it had stopped raining and I even caught a glimpse of some sunshine. I got dressed and walked out across the soggy lawn to see the sea. I took some peaks in the villas that I passed along the way. The sea was calmer but still quite rough.  After this I got a cup of coffee and headed to my room to work. Actually got work done.

I Inquired about things back at the Rock House then had breakfast in my room. Apparently someone was to come at 9:30 to apprise us of the situation and our options. Not sure that that person ever came but eventually the intel arrived. Power back on at RH and they would be retrieving us around 1:30.  Matthew, the manager at Moondance, asked them to call him around 1:00 to give him an update and status report on the clean-up effort.  This call too never came but the driver, non the less showed up at 1:45.

I begged off of that ride by saying I was not prepared as the pre-call had not taken place.  The driver agreed to come back at 2:20. In actuality I wasn’t ready becasue I didn’t feel like vacating my dry comfy digs so soon.  I had quickly become attached to the cool dryness, the hot water and dare I say it…the cable TV.  Not to mention that I had finally actually gotten some work done!


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