VQC #10: Still Shakin’ the Tree

Tree of Life (detail)

Today is a good day on the Vision Quest. When I say good, like most people, I mean I am grateful for what I am getting. Although I was up late last night I did make it up this morning to go to a new yoga class. After two weeks of missing I had no choice. I was beginning to atrophy. My ability to move and to flow and to even breath was being compromised. So glad I went. Not cured, but getting there. I did a run through of the survey as I said I would last night and have made a few minor changes and sent off to a friend/editor for her to do a beta test of it for me. I hope to have it done and start putting it out there by COB Monday. It seems like everything takes longer than I want it to. Balancing my desire with patience is always an issue when it comes to living my Vision. I really admire people who are productive and patient. I feel like I am either dragging my feet or on fire. I know I am not alone in this. Where is the balance?

I am curious how you maintain patience as you work toward your goals. How do you enjoy the journey?

(first posted 4.25.09)

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