VQC #78: The End of Eden

Falls at the Hot Springs

I am back from my Costa Rican birthday adventure and still absorbing it all.  WOW! What a trip it was.  We managed to avoid earthquakes, volcanic eruptions and landslides to have an awesome time.  If you are a lover of nature as I am, Costa Rica  is a dream come true.  I saw more new plants and animals and gorgeous vistas than I can record.  If you wish to see some of my photos of the amazing flora and fauna please visit Vision Quest Retreats.

On our last day we awoke to brilliant sunshine on the adjacent mountainside. After a day of pouring rain this was a very welcome sight.  We decided to get up early and try to see the Poas Volcano which is a crater like stratovolcano near the Peace Lodge where we were staying. After an amazingly good breakfast of gallo pinto, scrambled eggs, fried plantain, fried cheese and coffee, we set off.  The drive up to the volcano was about 40 mins.  It was a misty day as we made out way up the winding hilly roads past dairy and strawberry farms. The hilly landscape was very wet and green as we made our way up into the cloud forest. Once to the national park we walked up a road to see the volcano but the clouds had returned and we could see nothing.  Our guide pointed out where you could barely make out the edge of the crater lake through the fog, but as we waited for it to clear more it never did.  I was disappointed but at least we tried.

Black-Handed Spider Monkey

Once back at the Peace Lodge I went to say good bye to my animal friends who live there.  This was my biggest treat of the day because when I went to the monkey enclosure two of the Black-Handed Spider Monkeys, Mancha and Esperanza, came over to greet me.  They had grown accustomed to me in the past three days so they came over to the cage wall and Mancha stuck her hand out for me to take it.  It was as if she knew I had come to say goodbye.  Then she snaked her long tail out toward me so I put my finger out and she wrapped her strong tail around my finger and pulled it closer.  I continued to enjoy this little encounter and to play with her little hands for a while before saying my final adios to head into the butterfly house.

Once there I just stood and watched the enormous iridescent Blue Morhpos dance about in the air and chase each other around.  Like on my first day there was no one in the place so I was able to enjoy the peace and beauty in total silence. I stood for a long while memorizing the scene before my eyes very aware that this was a memory that I would keep with me forever and pull out at a later date…one of those special times that you tuck away for later in life when you are old and looking back.

Before leaving the Peace Lodge

I ended my good byes in the aviary then made my way to the room to finish packing and head to the lobby where a driver was to take us to the airport in San Jose.  I had a few moments in the room to myself to just look around and take it in, which I did…very grateful for this magical week in Costa Rica to celebrate 40 yrs on this awesome planet.

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