VQC #77: Misty Musings

a rainy day at the Peace Lodge

We were supposed to trek to see the Poas volcano today but it rained almost the entire day! It began after breakfast and kept going and going and the wind was howling about the place.  At first it was cozy to sit inside by the fire but after a while I wanted to get out.  I tried taking a nap and managed a brief one before suiting up to head out into what had now turned into heavy mist.

It was actually quite pleasant and cool so I wore my sweater and jeans and my awesome Keen trekking shoes. I stopped in the aviary at the bottom of the hill and was able to see some species of birds that I did not see yesterday. I also got to watch them feed the hawks a mice and  a rat…yuck!

From here I did a pass through the butterfly house. As it was late in the day most of them had gone to sleep but I still got to see some very pretty species before checking on the couple of two-toed sloths who live there.  Those two NEVER move but stay huddled up together like two lovers who need nothing but each other.

After the butterflies I stopped by to see my monkey friends.  I love those guys.  One of them likes to come to the fence and show me his belly.  Today he did this whole approach retreat routine before snaking his long tail out of the fencing at me so I could touch his tail.  He curled it around my finger and I was in love.  He must have known what he was doing because after that when he reached this same tail out to try and grab some leaves I was all too happy to help by plucking them for him and passing the treats through the fence.  Yes I am a sucker.

Blue-sided Leaf Frog

After parting from my new best friend I was off into the forest to visit the waterfalls again.  It was lovely misty and cool in there today but the waterfalls, rather than being white, where all brown from all the rain. I had a nice walk down into the tropical woods then took the bus back up the hill to the hotel.

Later, the frogs, the hummingbirds again and finally dinner and to the room where I tried out the hot tub on the balcony.  It was nice to soak in the hot water after the cold rainy day and to feel the fresh air around me.  I had gotten in bed but could not sleep so decided to write what may be my last post from this place.

blogging by the fire

I hope you have enjoyed my travelogue.  If you want to drop me a line or make a comment please do.

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