VQC #8: I Don’t Have a Vision

After installment #7 of The Vision Quest Chronicles (VQC) I sent the link out to a select group of friends and colleagues. It was a long distro list and I did not bcc them b/c when I do that not even I can see who I sent it to. (I like to know for future reference so I don’t end up spamming the same group). Anyway for some reason one of my friends, a wonderful photographer, living in the wilds of Colorado, decided to hit “reply all” to send me his comments. Not sure why he did this, and at first was thinking “oh no” but it sure got a reaction! In essence what he said was that he respected my point of view but that he himself did not have a Vision beyond “how the day unfolds and how I greet it.” He went on to say ”Of course that is assuming the basics of work, shelter and daily bread are set right…That allows all the energy spent on striving, planning, climbing…etc. to be spent on creative/spiritual endeavors instead.”

One recipient commented to me that this was a “wacky comment” and that I should have “protected my readers” from such. Two people, who are very close to me said…”who is this person!?” and one friend, who is oddly like a soul-mate, although we can’t recall how we even know each other so well (hmmn?) felt compelled to log an official comment spurred on by his comment. I personally, perhaps because I know him so well and what an amazing artist and person he is, was intrigued by his perspective and respected it. Although seeking and living my Vision is my thing there are also many days when I feel that I am doing too much striving and climbing and not enough just creating for its own sake. This is something that I have to be consistently mindful of. A treadmill is no less a treadmill because it is covered in artistic or creative wrapping. To me it is about my intention in relation to the energy expended. Am I trying to get somewhere with this Vision or am I letting a Higher Power guide my movements and creations? This friend of mine, by the way, who wrote the comments, is living his Vision whether he sees it like this or not. He is an artist, he works, he supports himself, is a loving caring happy person and happens to live in a beautiful secluded area near a stream. In so many ways he is where I want to be…balanced and at peace.

(first posted 4.22.09)

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