VQC #73: The Garden of Eden…at night

The Scene at Night, Tabacon Hot Springs

As I have never been to Costa Rica I did not really know what to expect.  As a nature lover I fully expected to enjoy myself.  What I was not prepared for is the power of the rain forest and being so near an active volcano.  I’m not sure if it’s fair to call this the jungle but I like the smell and feel of that word a bit better than rain forest.

There is an amazing paradise here called the Tabacon Grand Spa which is built around some hot springs. This water, which is full of minerals, is heated by the volcano before it rushes down the mountain to this collection of pools surrounded by lush tropical vegetation. People just come here to walk through the gardens and soak in the pools.  It feels like a living Gauguin painting, with people lolling on the lawns and sitting around the pools. Brightly colored plants and lizards accent the green backdrop.

Lat evening I had the consummate pleasure of having a massage in one of the spa’s little bungalows tucked away in the tropical garden. The spa itself is a beautifully designed and laid out space, with a pool in the middle fed by the hot springs.  It was just nice to be unplugged and have no agenda except to just BE there. 

By the time my spa time was over it was dark out so I decided to explore the gardens and the baths at night.  It was a whole different world from in the day. The “jungle” was alive with sound and movement. Toads hopped along the path, people moved languidly from one pool to the next.  A small group of young people sat on the little lawn from which you can see the volcano.  I went and stood there for a while hoping to catch a glimpse of the red lava flows.  I did not see this but I did get to stand among the trees and watch the fireflies twinkle around me. After this I walked around the paths just enjoying the sultry atmosphere around me, steam occasionally wafting over me and fogging up my glasses.  I stood and watched some bathers under the water falls for a bit before heading down the hill along the little paths and crossing the bridges before coming to the bottom.

This place is really so wild that I find it hard to describe.  Right now I am sitting in the room listening to the roll of thunder and watching the rain pour down outside.

I can definitely envision bringing a Vision Quest Retreat here.  If you have interest drop me a line and join my mailing list.

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