Are Americans Suffering from Compassion Fatigue??

Click image to view Video (Jan 24, 2018 WUSA Channel 9 Washington, DC)

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see Denial: to stay sane we employ delusions such as “this can’t happen to me or in my community” Also aided by a belief in a “just world” that says if we are “good” and “behave” ourselves then harm will not befall us (this can also lead to victim blame).

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go to link school does adderall speed metabolism made by monks outer coat oxycontin chicago typewriter band adderall Learned Helplessness: We feel hopeless because we have tried to take action or witnessed others doing it and see no effect.

Levaquin 750 Mg Reviews Is there an answer? Yes! Don’t give in to any of the above. Take action, get involved! There are myriad ways to help: sign petitions, write your representatives, march, protest, donate money to causes that support peace and/or an end to gun violence.

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