WHAT WILL YOUR LEGACY BE? Being Your Own Heroine

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I created the following success coaching exercise a few months back while working with a young success coaching client who had come to me to improve her self esteem and increase her ability to NOT be affected so much by the opinions of others. A beautiful, creative and talented high school student yet she felt unattractive and did not believe in her abilities. The written journal exercise, which I also did, seemed to work pretty well so I thought I would share it here. I thought it appropriate for Women’s History Month (you will get why when you read the suggested steps below).

go to link Step 1: Reflect on Women You Admire and create a list of at least 5.

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watch Step 3: If you can, pick your favorite of this list. Reflect on and write down just a few notes about the legacy that she left the world or is currently building.famous women collage 4

http://daronkrueger.com/?xol=Viagra-Price-Philippines&33c=c2 Step 4: What challenges did she overcome in her life and how?

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go to link Step 6: Reflect on and write down a few of your best attributes.

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