Vision Quest Chronicle #44: Time to Take Stock

When is the last time you took an inventory of your Visions?

In the tradition of 12-step recovery there are two steps that allow one to take an inventory of themselves; Step 4: Made a searching and fearless moral inventory of our selves, and Step 10: Continued to take personal inventory and when we were wrong promptly admitted it. The program of Visions Anonymous relies heavily on the 10th step in order to allow one to assess where he or she is with his or her Vision.

I am feeling the need to look at where I am currently with my Vision regarding The Vision Quest Chronicles Project ,which includes a book on women living their Visions, and the Vision Quest Retreats, which are geared toward helping people succeed at living their Visions.

In February 2009 I began chronicling this project. This however is not really where my Vision Quest began. That is a much longer story (as a matter of fact one that is a part of the book…more on that later). I had conceived of the idea for the book some time back and the idea of the Vision Quest Retreats long before that, but it was in February that I decided to work on the book in earnest. Since then much has occurred. The process has often been exciting and arduous, halting and flowing, marked by fits and starts, fear, elation, procrastination, and times when I could not staunch the flow of the Vision if I wanted to.

I have taken the following actions thus far:

1.Started working with a friend who is an editor and writer to coordinate this project.

2.Written a rough outline for the book.

3.Created and posted The Vision Quest Survey to gather data for the book (so far 188 surveys started & 147 completed surveys. My goal is 1000)

4.Advertised the survey on several different venues to include telling just about everyone I know, but have a few more places on my list to go (I need to ramp this up).

5.Started to write the story, to be included in the book, of how I have come to this point of living my Vision (at some point about a month ago I stalled on this and need to get back to it).

6.Began work with another colleague to launch the Vision Quest Retreats.

7.Researched several places to hold future Vision Quest Retreats.

8.Taken my own personal Vision Quest Retreat in the Caribbean and written a curriculum while there.

9.Blogged faithfully to chronicle this project and invited others to share their Visions.

To date I still clearly have much to do to produce the book, and at least the first retreat, to include:

1.Complete the writing of my story for the book.
2.Write another draft of the outline for the book.
3.Write the book.
4.Publish the book.
5.Market the the Vision Quest Retreats
6.Hold the first retreat (stay tuned…we are looking at mid to late October so if you have interest please let me know).

When I look at this inventory I feel like I have done much to accomplish my Vision and that I still have a lot to do, but all in all I think what is important is that I am enjoying the journey and I am. Even when I get impatient or frustrated or procrastinate I am still learning a lot and having a lot of fun. Today I especially know it is coming together because I am experiencing a lot of synchronicity. About four women, all in completely different venues, have all approached me in the past week seeking help with clarifying and achieving their Visions! This tells me that I am on the right track and achieving my Mission; helping people clarify and achieve their Visions of Success.

As always you are invited to share your story with readers. Leave a comment and tell me where are you with your Visions!

Until next time…much continued success & well-being,


Vision Quest Survey Report: as of today, 147 women have completed it! 

(first posted 8.5.09)

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