Writing & Reflection Retreat-Winter Solstice 2013

After attending a memorial service in Rhode Island to honor my friend Jen (a.k.a. Pirate Jenny) I took a little time in Martha’s Vineyard to rest, reflect and do some writing on Book II of the Adventures of Isabelle. These videos and stills are from the photographic safaris I took. I hope you enjoy them and I invite you to share any reflections you may have from this time of the year as we let go of the old and welcome the new.

I arrived on the soltice. After docking in Vineyard Haven and dropping my bags I was hungry for lunch.  Clam Chowder at the Net Result . Christmas shopping on Main St., Vineyard Haven. Dropped gifts back at the house then headed off for Lucy Vincent Beach, Chillmark. It was an unseasonably warm and sunny day.Red rock hand smallburning tree small






I took time to really focus on the beauty, be in the moment and just breathe. Something about this skate egg and the reflection of the water on the rocks held me captive.

On the second day after writing all morning I headed first to Aquinnah. The day was chilly and fog hung over everything. The fog was so thick I could not see the ocean from the road alongside the Gay Head Light house.

I drove from Aquinnah to Edgartown stopping to take pictures along the way. The fog persisted and a light mist fell on everything shrouding the lanscape in quiet solitude. After about 40 mins I arrived in Edgartown to find it all done up for Christmas.

I walked around town then took the road to the light house stopping in the Fields Hotel to warm up by the fire place before walking out across the dunes to the light house which wore a cheerful wreath and Christmas lights for the season.

path to lh sandLight house closer








Close to sunset and dinner time I made my way back to Vineyard Haven stopping in Oak bluffs to take some pictures/video of the ocean and the colorful ginger bread houses that can be found there. There was also a lone little Christmas tree lit up and floating out in the lagoon.

xmas tree vineyard havenAs the sun was setting I made my way back to Vineyard Haven. Not able to resist I picked up clam chowder again from the Net Result before heading home. Passing along Main St. I enjoyed the Christmas decorations and the smell of pine in the air from all the wreaths and trees. This tree (to the right) was my favorite tree.

After this couple of days of rest and reflection I boarded the ferry for Woods Hole the next day then made the long trek home. Just in time for a wonderful Christmas Eve and Day with family and friends. Grateful for my life and all the many blessings.

Wishing you much success, well being and happiness in the New Year!


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