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Sandberg Quote in Time

Success vs. Popularity
Sandberg learned one of the key lessons in her book during her time in business school (Harvard, again), and not in a good way. After her first year, she won a fellowship. The guys who won all talked about it. But Sandberg sensed it was better to keep quiet. “Female accomplishments,” she writes, “come at a cost.” And that cost is people declining to click on the Like button.

Sandberg often refers to a 2003 experiment that found that students considered a successful entrepreneur in a case study more likable when her name was changed to a man’s. “The data says clearly, clearly, clearly that success and likability are positively correlated for men and negatively correlated for women,” (Time March 18, 2013)

Very sad right now upon receiving this confirmation for something I have long suspected, but before I throw a pity party for myself and others I wanted to check in with you. Do you find the above to be true and if so how do you combat this? What do you do to support other women’s success and how do you cope with a lack of support for your success?

If you don’t agree with the above please share your experience also.

I like what Camille Mirshokrai, Director, Leadership Development, Accenture had to say “You can’t be a leader today without being a steward to other women.”

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