Power, Powerful, Powerlessness Can YOU Roll With All Three?

Today I am contemplating the importance of Power and Powerlessness. Maybe some of this has to do with the fact that Rex and I are camped out at my mom’s house waiting for Super Storm Sandy to knock the power out. But some of it is that I’m just coming off of speaking at the Power Up Weekend 2012 and prior to that I was interviewed on Powerful U Radio by Uneeka Jay, Power Mommy on the subject of  The Power of Vision and then after that I was interviewed by Jamie Fleming-Dixon on For Colored Gurls blog talk show to discuss passion and how that gives us power (click) Flyy, Female & Fabulous: Dr. Nicole Cutts to listen in.

Uneeka asked me a couple of questions in particular which really got me thinking. One was, “When you think of being powerful, what does that mean to you?” and the other was “Do you think most women feel powerful?” To hear my responses to those questions click The Power of Vision With Dr. Nicole Cutts

I love feeling powerful…I mean who doesn’t? Yes power comes with responsibility and that can sometimes be daunting but I definatley prefer power to it’s flip side; powerlessness. Even as I type this the storm is picking up power and speed and as it does so I feel threatened and yes a little bit scared. Why am I scared? I like to CONTROL, that’s a part of feeling powerful; being in control. In control of myself, my work, my vision, my destiny, but am I, are we REALLY in control? I certainly don’t control mother nature. I don’t control the wind or the rain or any of that powerful stuff. I wish I did. I mean life would be so easy if I controlled everything, right? Yes sure it would but then I wouldn’t be a human being. I find it’s a lot more difficult to accept my powerlessness and to accept my human frailty.

One of my jobs is to empower women (myself included) and I love any ability I have to do this. One way I do this is by passing on the lessons I learn. Today the lesson I’m working on is to become better at accepting powerlessness, to know that I can plan and wish and pray and work hard but there are always going to be forces beyond my control like old Super Storm Sandy that I don’t control. This I have to accept.

So we will see what happens. My gutters are cleaned, I’ve stocked up on dog food (for Rex), I have done what work I can that requires the internet, I’m at mom’s where all the provisions are so all that’s left is to wait and see how well I can roll with what comes next. Oh but I wont be rolling alone because in order to get through my lessons I need a little help. I find a great tool for situations such as this is the Serenity Prayer: God/Goddess grant me the serenity to accept the things I can not change, the courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference. Amen!

I would love to hear your thoughts on power and powerlessness. Feel free to leave a comment here or drop by The Vision Quest Retreats with Dr. Nicole Cutts Facebook page and leave your comments there.

Much continued success and well being,


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