Spring Cleaning Tips Part 1: Time to Clear

Spring is a perfect time to do some clearing; letting go of false constricting beliefs and patterns and replacing them with positive supportive ones (Gawain, Shakti 1995). While we often associate Spring with a time of rebirth and new growth we don’t often reflect on the fact that we must clear out what is “dead” or no longer of use to us to make room for this new growth. Think of your garden for example where you clean up and prune out dead branches etc. to make room for new growth and to make a healthier bush or lawn.

What is it time for you to shed, let go of and clear?

Consider the areas of our lives; mind, body, spirit/soul, behavior and our homes. Below are some examples of things you may wish to rid yourself of.

Mind: negative thoughts, limiting beliefs, unkind thoughts about self and others.

Body: toxins such as alcohol or cigarettes, stress, foods that aren’t good for you like excessive fat, sugar/carbs,

Spirit/Soul: character defects like hate anger, jealousy, or selfishness, ego, and low self esteem.

Behaviors: procrastination, unkind behavior, laziness, acting out, addictive behaviors (including workaholism and constant worry), Obsessive compulsive behavior and pushing yourself too hard.

Home/Physical Environment: clutter, junk old stuff you don’t need or use, dirt or negative people and relationships, financial wreckage, debt, and unpaid bills.

Success Coaching Exercise: Once you have identified the things it’s time to clear out of your life make a list. You may want to use the suggested categories above or make your own. Reflect on those that you wish to tackle this Spring and jot down 1-3 actions you commit to taking to begin the clearing. For example if you decide it’s time to rid yourself of negative thoughts about yourself,  for actions you might list  1)  write down these thoughts and burn or bury them, 2) create a few positive affirmations to counter these negative thoughts.

Don’t try and tackle your whole list at once! After you do the above exercise come back next week to get some tips on what to do next with this list and first draft of your action plan.

If you want a bit more help with clearing and cleaning up the “old stuff” standing in the way of your success or are interested in other tools to aid you on your heroine’s quest feel free to drop me a line  or click Services to learn more about the therapy and success coaching services  I offer  through Vision Quest Retreats.

Much continued success and well being,


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