Vision Quest Chronicle #27: Following Your Bliss

Nicole Cutts at Gallerie Myrtis opening

What is your bliss???

I’m unaccountably happy this morning. I am NOT a morning person, but I awoke early and wanted to get to work. As I was making my coffee and practicing being in the moment, I realized (once again) that I am living my Vision. We have all, no doubt, heard that life is a journey not a destination. The same is said of success and achieving your Visions. When I can remember this I am happy. When I forget I am dissatisfied and lost in fantasy about the future and how happy I will feel “when” I achieve my Visions.

A reader recently commented that he conceptualizes living his Vision as what Joseph Campbell refers to as following your bliss. Nelson Bolles, author of What Color is Your Parachute?” says, “Your mission in life is where your deep joy and the world’s deep hunger meet.” I believe both of these concepts.

In state VI: Consummation, of my Vision Realization Continuum(Cutts, 2004) “one experiences the union with his or her Vision and bliss, contentment, and joy are felt.” This same bliss is also experienced in state VII: Commitment, but in this state the challenges of maintaining the commitment are also felt. I believe that I am living in the states of continual consummation and commitment. Like in any relationship, and I do conceptualize living one’s Vision like a relationship, there are good days and challenging days. Today happens to be one of those good days and not because of something I am accomplishing but because I am reveling in the fun of and the realization of how far I have come on the journey.

Are you following your bliss? Leave a comment and let us know. Much continued success on your journey!

Vision Quest Survey Report: as of today, 118 women have completed it! My Goal= 1000.

(first posted 6.7.09)

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