What Are the Benefits of Networking “Naked”?*

…The #1 Benefit of Networking “Naked”…it saves time! (what am I the only one who ever has a mixed agenda?)

Is coloring inside the lines killing you and your CREATIVE SPIRIT!?

Whether you’re and entrepreneur or “company man/woman” you may feel as if you must confine yourself to social norms to succeed in business. At Vision Quest Retreats we have determined that this is NOT the best way to live.

What would happen if you could just be yourself? What if you could be your fully authentic self expressing all aspects of your Divine Nature?

How might your life and work be different if you unleashed all the energy you currently use to maintain your facade? What if you bared yourself a.k.a. got NAKED*?!

If you are ready to shed some of this Sh*!stuff and do some quality (easy as pie) Networking This ONLINE Event is for you!

COME AS YOU ARE and Join the Discussion at our Next Vision Quest Retreats ONLINE “Naked” Networking Event!!

We also give away prizes!  

How it works:

1) At the appointed time a note with the topic and question will be posted on the wall of Vision Quest Retreats.

2) Answer the question in the post and tell us about you, your vision, work, or business. Post links to your websites, blogs, etc.

3) You must “like” the page to comment but you do NOT have to be a woman
biz owner to join us!

4) Refresh the page often to see new posts.

5) Have fun…meet some nice people! 

Location: The wall of Vision Quest Retreats Facebook page.

Date/Time of Next Event: Nov. 30 7:30-9:00 PM EST

Much Continued Success & Well Being,


P.S. Click to read The Top 10 Benefits of Networking “Naked

*Disclaimer-This is a virtual event held on Facebook and no nudity is involved (I had to put this disclaimer for people who, for some reason, don’t get that “naked” is a euphemism for baring their true selves) 

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