VQC #21: What is Success?

The Center-Adwo Nicole Cutts

What is your definition of success?

I have been contemplating this issue of late. I mean I’m a success coach, I write about it, I talk about it a lot but really what does it mean? I did a bit of research on the definition for an article I am writing and was surprised that one “official” (dictionary) definition actually named fame and prosperity as a part of the definition. Interesting, but I guess I’m more interested in what success means for us as humans, I mean what are we looking for? I equate success with living my Visions. But I do that because I equate living my Visions with feelings of joy, fulfillment and peace.

Lately I find myself perturbed with this thinking I seem to be addicted to, that when I reach the ultimate state of my Vision I will feel fulfilled. Somewhere, not so deep down inside, I know this is a fallacy. Instead of planning on feeling peace and happiness why don’t I just go ahead and feel that now? I mean, I am living my Visions and what I am doing now was once what I conceived and back when I conceived it I decided that I would be happy when it was manifested. The truth is I think I am caught in a cycle of addiction. Success is never enough. Oh I am happy with my accomplishments for a few days or a week or so then it fades and the withdrawal begins and I set my eyes on the next target telling myself once again, “when I get there I will be happy.”

Believe it or not I do know the antidote to this crazy thinking. It is a mixture of acceptance, gratitude and living in the present moment where happiness and fulfillment exist. Now partaking of this antidote on a daily basis is more challenging than knowing what to do, but that is the whole point. Success is not a destination it is a journey. The more I can remember this the better off I will be. I will keep you posted on my progress and as always invite you to do the same.

(first posted 5.17.09)

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