VQC #20: Writer’s Block?

Where are you with your Vision today?

I’m not sure if I’m having writer’s block or Vision fatigue or if I am just in the pupa/chrysalis stage right now. I am going to go with the pupa/chrysalis stage as an explanation for how I feel. Let me explain what I mean. I developed a model of transition that I call “The Chrysalis Model” The stages are: 1) the Egg 2) the Caterpillar, 3) the Chrysalis is formed, and 4) Emergence. In stage 3 when the chrysalis is formed one is in a state that alternates between dormancy and turmoil. These past couple of days have felt like dormancy. It is as if a low level bubbling is taking place…not a lot of outward activity but there is a good deal of creating and planning going on in my head. On the other hand I could also be in the caterpillar phase because I am doing a fair bit of gathering too. As the survey is up data is being gathered. I am very happy and grateful to report that as of tonight 35 people have answered the survey (24 completed)! This is great actually as I have not put my full distribution plan in effect. When I do that I think more will come.

I’m also very much in a gathering phase for the new piece I am working on that is a part of the G*ddess Seriesof paintings. The concept has almost completely gelled, I have been working on the background of the piece for a few days now and today after my walk on the river I went to a Buddhist temple where they have a gift shop and acquired several important elements that will go in the piece. Actually I have some ideas I want to work out tonight so after I write this I am going down in the studio to work on that.

I am feeling pretty quiet but I know that when I come out of this the next steps are 1) complete the survey distribution and 2) do the timeline/plan for writing the book.

It is pointless to say I will keep you posted because I will and not to be greedy but I do miss hearing from others about what their Visions are and what they are working on so if you are reading this…drop us a line.

(first posted 5.14.09)

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