VQC #19: And Still We Rise

Are you ever exhausted from living your Vision?

Some days like today I can hit a wall and just stop! I was going along happily doing my thing…just gave a workshop on a fun topic; avoiding resentment at work, and was heading to a charity golf event, when all of a sudden I just got tired of it all and wanted to go home and go to bed. I called my friend Lisa, who is also living her Vision to whine…”nothing is happening…when is this thing gonna catch on? are people going to take my survey? when?…when?…wah wah wah”…my usual craziness. Of course she reminded me to be patient and to let it go. Don’t you hate when your friends give you the same advise you give them?!

Well I definitely let it go. I arrived home around 8:00 and to Rex’s (my pooch) surprise, and no doubt dismay (can dogs be dismayed?) got in the bed and pulled the covers over my head!

I arose at about 1:00 a.m. in a different space and decided to do a little light work. Of course I could not resist…I popped over to Survey Monkey to see how the survey responses are going. Yesterday there were 9 responses, so I was telling myself, even if it is just one more or no more just chill but there were 18 responses! WOW! I was heartened by this. Maybe once again the Universe is telling me it’s okay to just do the work, stay present and leave the results.

Well, today is a new day for me to practice again living my Vision by doing my work and leaving the results…again…again…it is a process…we forget and again we remember…and still we rise.

(first posted 5.12.09)

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