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To better understand what’s behind The Adventures of Isabelle series, check out these videos from interviews conducted by Sifu Wayne Rodney, martial artist, illustrator and creator of the new Global Fusion Tarot Deck and Guide Book! GET BOOK II: JOURNEY … Buy Flagyl Metronidazole

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CALLING HEROINES OF ALL AGES!!  Are You Ready to Embark on a New Adventure? Meet the Cast & Crew! HEED THE CALL TO ADVENTURE TODAY! TYPE NAME(S) FOR SIGNED COPIES And, if you haven’t already gotten it, GET BOOK I! … Buy Betnovate N Cream

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What do we need to teach young people (girls & boys) as well as men and women so we can reduce crimes such as Larry Nassar’s as well as sexual harassment in the workplace and beyond? Can we teach boys … Buy Cheap Seroquel Online

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Why Americans May Be Desensitized to Gun Violence Over Saturation: Constant exposure to violence on the news, tv, movies and video games Denial: to stay sane we employ delusions such as “this can’t happen to me or in my community” … Where To Buy Cialis In Australia

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Click image below to see “How to Battle Stress During the Holidays” on Channel 9 WUSA’s #OffScripton9 with host Bruce Johnson While the holiday season is supposed to be “the most wonderful time of the year” it may not be … Cialis Australia Buy

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I’m excited to tell you that author Maria Leonard Olsen and I as well as our retreat participants had such a fabulous time on our sold out “Writer’s Beach Retreat Spring 2016” that we want to do it again! A powerful group of women … Doxycycline For Dogs Buy Online

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Listen to “The Daily Drum” with Harold T. Fisher WHUR 96.3 FM Interested in Success or Executive Coaching Services? Click SUCCESS.

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Thank so much to our Small Business Sponsors like Norah Clair Aesthetics our FIRST Small Business Sponsor of the Cross Generational Reading Project! Small Business Sponsors support this project by buying books for young women who volunteer their time for this community service … Can I Buy Zovirax Ointment Over The Counter

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I have been working on a series of cross generational reading and book discussions using my heroine’s quest adventure cosmic fairytale The Adventures of Isabelle Book I. On March 10 I had the pleasure of discussing these events on WUSA Channel … Actos Procesales Introduccion

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Howdy! I hope you are having an awesome 2016 so far and are making progress on your goals. For many years my goal was to publish my book The Adventures of Isabelle Book I and last year I did it! … Online Prednisone

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